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JCodeBase: is a very simple yet very important and productive tool for any developer using any programing language.

we are used to learn algorithims and pieces of codes each time we do a project, after few projects there come a project where you need to remember a piece of code you have done in a project a year ago; then you have two choices:

  • do the learning process again to get the same old algorithim
  • you code from the bigening saved your piece of code in a repository (personal one)

thats exactly what JCodeBase provide you, a "personal" CodeReposotory.

Personal means the code stored in your repository is :

  • not related to specific topic
  • not related to specific team
  • not related to specific field
  • it is related to you (all what you have done)


JCodeBase created and maintained by Ali Hassan Al Lawati & Hassan Omar Al Marhoon
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